Hi, I'm Jordan...good to meet you

I am a yoga teacher & Thai Massage therapist living in the beautiful city of Brighton. Before beginning to teach yoga I had been working the usual office life, but became dissatisfied with the sedentary lifestyle this entailed and started to look for ways to get away from the computer and out into the world of real things and real people.


In 2010 I discovered yoga and this changed my entire outlook on life. I began to practice regularly and saw the benefits this had to my physical body, but perhaps more importantly, to my energy and mental state. As I became more and more interested in yoga and the healing arts I wanted to share all of the good stuff I had gained with as many people as possible.


After a couple of years delving into the world of Mysore style Ashtanga under the expert, compassionate guidance of Sarah Miles at the Brighton Natural Health Centre, I decided to take the plunge and head to India and do a teacher training. I completed my 200hr RYT training with Tribe Yoga in Goa in December 2014. A truly inspiring month, blessed with incredible teachers that left me ready and eager to share the teachings with the world.

I have also just completed a yoga teaching mentorship with Tashi Dawa of Kaliyoga Retreats, which has given me a whole new appreciation of how to use yoga as a life practice and ​just how lucky we are to be living in a human body floating through space on our beautiful planet!

I have been teaching yoga classes in Brighton since July 2015 and love every minute of guiding people into greater awareness of their bodies & minds through asana, pranayama & meditation. These are wonderful tools for helping us move through the complexities of life more easily.


My quest is to make people feel good in their own bodies so they are better equipped to deal with all of life, ultimately becoming more happy, healthy and peaceful human beings. I look forward to welcoming you to class soon

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