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Human Design is a tool for self discovery based on a synthesis of the ancient wisdom traditions of the I'Ching, the Chakra system, astrology and the Kabbalah. It shows you a way of navigating through life with the least resistance and the most love...for yourself and others. 

It is a profound exploration into your uniqueness and what you have to share with the world. From my experience with the experiment I can tell you that it gives deep insights into areas of conditioning, relationships and family life and gives you the permission to move through life as the xxxx  person you are design to be.  be a help you live a life of self love, self acceptance and  


I offer human design readings where I can help you discover and live your unique design.

You can read  little about my design and what I have to share with here >>

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human design reading

human design reading


The Foundation reading will introduce you to the Human Design system and your chart. You will learn your energetic blueprint, how you are designed to move through life with the most ease and the way you can make the most aligned, effortless decisions.  I will walk you through all the major aspects of your design - Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile and the definition of your Centres. It will give you a solid foundation in your Human Design and practical ways in which you can bring it into all aspects of your life.  

The Discovery reading is designed for those that already have an understanding of the the basics of their design and want to discover other aspects of their chart. We will go into Gates, Channels, Incarnation Cross, Planets and also the Four Variables as well as answering any questions about the more foundational aspects of your chart. This reading can also be specifically tailored to what you want to learn about your design. It will give you a way of discovering how you are really designed to be living with the most ease and least resistance.

One of the wonderful things about Human Design is that it give us a way of more deeply understanding and accepting the people in our lives, especially those we share the closest connections with. A Connections reading will look at your composite chart with one other person to see how your energies interact with each other. From this you can find out the sparks that bring you together, the areas of compromise and the opportunities for growth in the relationship.




Human Design is a continuous experiment with life and so I also offer ongoing support for those that have had a reading with me and would like follow up calls to check in with how that experiment is going. This can be set up as a call every month or as and when you need some extra support or advice through the lens of your Human Design. I find that this can really help keep the experiment flowing and will encourage living your design rather than just knowing it. The price for these follow ups will be arranged on a person to person basis.

follow up calls & regular check ins

how the human design reading works

To do a Human Design reading for you I will need your birth date, place and as accurate a birth time as you know or can find out.

After you have booked your reading I will contact you to find out these details and arrange a time for a call. I will then take a look through your chart and put together a detailed document outlining all the key aspects of your design for you to read through before we chat. This will be based on whether you have booked a Foundations, Discovery or Connections reading.


We will then have a Zoom call to discuss your design and I can answer any questions you have about it or about Human Design in general. On the call I will also give you my insight into what patterns I see in your chart and offer practical advice of how you can put what you have learnt into practice. We can also discuss any life events or decisions you might be pondering through the perspective of Human Design.

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