Yoga Beyond the Mat - Online Talks

I invite you to these fortnightly sessions on a Sunday evening where we will address some of the key ideas, philosophies and teachings of yoga.

There is so much more to yoga than we normally address in a yoga asana class, so I have created these sessions so that we can delve into this vast pool of yogic wisdom as I understand it so far in my journey.


The aim of these talks is to expand our awareness beyond the mat and see how we can apply these ancient yogic teachings to our everyday modern lives. In this way we can work at creating a better, more peaceful life for ourselves and others, and who knows maybe travel a little way along our journey to liberation (enlightenment not guaranteed!)

The talks are on a donation basis (or free if you are struggling for money at the moment) and there is nothing you need to bring other than an open mind and maybe a cup of tea. 

I am really looking forward to sharing this with you all.

No upcoming events at the moment
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